Because it matters

Making things happen, making things right, because it matters.


Alan Tai

Alan Tai

“Good enough” isn’t always good enough. If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well, right now! Everything I do, I strive for excellence. This is why I joined Zuhlke. Everyone in our teams strives for excellence.

As an engineer, I am hungry to make an impact. As a technical lead, I have the courage to go against the crowd. As an agile practitioner, I inspire teams. As part of Zuhlke, I create values for customers. Having proficiency in hands-on mobile and web application development covering a wide range of context including FinTech, IoT, and machine learning, along with exceptional analytical and problem-solving capabilities, it enables me to make things happen for customers. Enthusiastic about agile team coaching and reaching out millions of users through the latest technologies, it drives me to make things right because it matters.

If you’ve read thus far, I believe we share some common values that ring your bell. Come join me, together we create history.

More about my personal work: